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Favorite Pop Flamenco Songs of 2021

According to my family I cried on cue to a soap opera theme song (novela) before I could even talk.

Music playlists are how we remember points of our lives- the good, happy, sad and challenging. Its my motivation for making dances and dance videos. Right now, I’m totally into flamenco pop music. There’s just no denying the awesome-ness of new artists that are coming up from Andalucia and the timely topics and themes

In my opinion, flamenco is a modern music and dance form. Seriously, it’s only a couple of hundred years old and it’s constantly evolving to reflect the times we live in and the people who create this genre of art. So with that here are my favorite songs (so far) in spring of 2021. Enjoy!

Rebujitos y Cristian Guerrero - El mismo aire

Antoñito Molina - Ya no me muero por nadie

Barby Flamenco -Faldas

Barby Flamenco - Sube el Volumen

India Martinez- Dejamos de Respirarnos

Entremares - A Mi Manera

Entrenares 0 Un millón de razones

Maki, (featuring Antonia) - Te quise tanto

De marco flamenco- Si te vas a quedar

Antonio Martín - ft. Rocío Silva - Sobran Palabras

Check them out on Spotify or YouTube and let me know what you think. Do you like? Also please share YOUR favorite flamenco songs of 2021, I’d love to know what your listening to right now.

While you're checking out new flamenco pop artists don't forget to watch my latest dance video (to flamenco pop)

by artist Alejandro Flores.


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