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5 Tips on Dancing Smarter in 2018

I speak two languages, Body and English - Mae West

Well if this quote doesn't sum up my life then I don't know what will! Welcome to my new blog, it's been a few years since I've had one and it's good and kinda scary to be back. I thought I would kick things off with some inspiration for self study and practice for the work week. I would do something like this:

Tip #1 Get moving early in the morning! Seriously. If you're like me you need to get your body moving first thing even if it's just for 15 minutes. If possible get the shoes on and pound out a few steps to get that heart rate up and get yourself energized for the rest of the day. Got neighbors/roommates? Then grab your headphones and do some marcaje patterns mixed with some stretching before the day begins. A little practice each day is better than one day of binge workouts and classes.

Tip #2 Get the flamenco tunes pumping on the commute! Listening and becoming more familiar with flamenco music will help you become a better dancer. You might not have time to practice but you probably have time to listen to a few tunes in the car or on the subway. Build your playlist tonight and mix it up with some old school artists like Camarón and Paco de Lucia and and new artists like Diego Cigala and India Martinez Fernandez.

Tip #3 Practice with a metronome. Always check yourself when practicing footwork or palmas with a rhythm track. There are several videos on YouTube with a visual (clock) but try to just listen and practice without watching.

Tip #4 Go watch a live show. If you're lucky enough to live where there are tablao shows or even major artist visiting, always support the shows if you have the time. Be inspired by what you see and hear. I especially love to watch student shows because the excitement and energy is intense!

Tip #5 Cross train. What is that? Simply put it's doing some other form of exercise that uses muscles that flamenco dancing doesn't. Flamencos work hard and to keep all your muscles conditioned and ready for action you should test them in different ways. Upper body strength training using light resistance would be a good choice. For a whole body lengthening and strengthening session try a Pilates or Yoga class once or twice a week.

What are you doing this year to improve your dance skills? Let us know in the comment section.

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